Wednesday, March 30, 2016



Director: Emanuele de Santi & Gulio de Santi
Writer: Emanuale de Santi & Gulio de Santi

Starring: Emanuele de Santi, Valeria Sannino, Paolo Luciani

Anyone out there who thinks Italian horror is dead really needs to get a load of Adam Chaplin. Not only does it prove that Italian horror is alive and well, but it ranks as one of the coolest flicks that Italian horror has to offer. Oh, and did I mention it's definitely one of the bloodiest?
    After his wife Emily (Valeria Sannino) is murdered by mob boss Denny Richards (Chiara Marfella and Christian R., yes, played by two people) for failing to pay back a loan, Adam Chaplin (writer/director Emanuele de Santi) summons a demon who agrees to help him find and kill Denny. Adam just has to obey all his requests along the way. Cue the smashed heads, ripped off limbs, and enough blood to drown a small city!
          As you've probably guessed, Adam Chaplin is a splatter film, Italian style. There is enough bloodshed here to satiate even the most hardcore of gorehounds and splatter aficionados. Of course, it's all absurd and over-the-top. Yes, the glorious red stuff flows freely here, folks, and in very liberal amounts, and Adam Chaplin has to be commended for doing this with, mostly, practical effects. Sure, CGI is used here and there, but it meshes well with the film's style. Thankfully, very little of the blood is of the CGI variety: the filmmakers relied on old-fashioned methods to achieve the spurting red stuff.
          Sometimes, splatter films land in boring territory because, let's face it, story is not a splatter film's top priority. With very little to keep viewers engaged or by overstaying their welcome, many run the risk of being forgettable or turned off. Not so with Adam Chaplin. With frantic energy, Adam Chaplin moves along from one gory scenario to the next. Not once did I find myself wondering how much longer this flick had left. Adam Chaplin starts off strong, continues strong, and ends strong. Bravo.
    The characters in Adam Chaplin are a bit more developed than your average splatter film and are more than props to be covered with/deprived of the red stuff. While none of the characters are three-dimensional—no one's gonna win any Oscars here—the filmmakers at least attempt to create interesting characters, provide a bit of backstory for them and give them unique quirks. This makes them, if not relatable, at least memorable.
     Adam Chaplin is one of the coolest horror flicks to come out of Italy in some time and is a definite must-see for gorehounds and fans of Italian horror. Great effects, fast-paced storytelling and memorable characters make Adam Chaplin top-shelf viewing material worthy of gracing any horror collection. Adam Chaplin is now available in an extended edition—in other words: more gore!— and is presented in Italian with optional English subtitles.

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