Friday, November 27, 2015


It’s always depressing when a review make a film sound more entertaining than it really is. Such is the case with Slime City.
     Alex (Craig Sabin, credited as Robert C. Sabin) moves into a new apartment in New York City. The apartment is filled with weird tenants like his neighbor Roman (Dennis Embry, who resembles Lux Interior a bit) who’s a poet and garbage picker. One night Roman invites Alex to his apartment for dinner where Roman serves up some green goop (“Himalayan yogurt,” he calls it) and some kind of green beverage. After consuming it and fucking his neighbor Nicole, Alex begins to mutate into a slime-oozing psycho. Turns out a cult leader named Zachary and his followers committed suicide in the basement and the green shit is his way of gaining new bodies for the dead members. Will Alex’s girlfriend Lori (Mary Huner) be able to stop the Alex from becoming a totally murderous monster?
     Yeah, sounds like it could be a good slice of eighties cheese, right? Sadly, the film lacks the energy necessary to reach that level. It just sort of drags along from one scene to the next. Sure, it has its moments—a scene in which Alex’s stomach eats the arm of a mugger is a stand out, or when sausages stand-in for guts (!)—but the moments are few and far between. Also, the film has a sleazy look like it’s the retarded cousin of Basket Case, which is pretty cool, and the effects are well done. Oh, and I dug the soundtrack. Other than that, nothing much to recommend here. Rather dull actually, and I found myself more interested in my guitar than in the film. It was worth the $1.99 rental fee, and I might even buy it if I find it around the same price, but anything more would be a waste of money.

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