Friday, November 13, 2015

LET US PREY (2014)

A buddy of mine recommended Let Us Prey to me based on my dislike of some piece of shit which I’ve forgotten the name of. Seeing as his and I’s tastes differ, I expected to find the movie dull and forgettable, i.e. a perfect cure for insomnia.
     Oh, how I love surprises!
     It’s Constable Rachel Heggie’s (Pollyana McIntosh) first night on the job. On the way to the station she witness’s “Six” (Liam Cunningham) get struck by a car, then disappear. After bringing the driver in and reporting the accident, “Six” is located and brought in by Heggie’s fellow officers. Though “Six” doesn’t seem to know who he is, he does know a lot about each person in the station.
     To say anything else would ruin the film. What I can say is that the entire film gives off an eerie vibe, which only increases as the mystery of who “Six” is unravels—and you will feel it creeping right up your spine as it pulls you in. Lending to the eeriness is Liam Cunningham’s excellent performanceas “Six.” You’re just never sure what he’s gonna pull out of his hat next. The scene in which he’s interrogated by Sgt. MacReady (Douglas Russell) is a stand-out. The other actors turn in solid performances as well.
     Despite this, the film does fumble a bit in the third act with a tonal change, though it’s still enjoyable on a goofy level. And the ending’s pretty fucking corny. However, those don’t detour from the fact that Let Us Prey is a horror flick that is totally worth every minute. Watch it, and watch it now.

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